GAMEQUEST! Chapter Twenty of Fifty: Perfect Dark (Legacy Post: September 26/15)


Perfect Dark was the spiritual successor to the legendary Goldeneye 007 on the N64. Taking the Goldeneye engine and expanding on it in many ways resulted in a completely new experience while maintaining the feel of its predecessor.

Rare introduced the character of Joanna Dark, a cool, calm secret agent, and crafted a story that took her on a rather crazy adventure. Mild spoiler, there’s aliens.

Featuring prominently in this game is a vastly improved multiplayer mode. New is the option to employ “bots”, or computer controlled characters, to fill out your multiplayer match. This feature is highly useful for those times where you want to play, but simply have no friends. Maps and weapons from Goldeneye are also available to play, receiving new names and a bit of a graphical facelift.

Perfect Dark

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