The Blog is Finally Operational: A Short Introductory Post

It took way too long, but this blog is finally up and running!

Who is the Mightyconsolegamer?

I’m a man who spends his free time exploring all that the world of video games has to offer. Likes include Survival horror and Capcom-made NES games, dislikes include 90% of fighting games and racing sims. I try as hard as I can to play a variety of games, to better diversify my experience.

What is this whole “Gamequest” thing?

There was a time lastĀ April when I thought that I might be buying too many games and not playing enough of them. To remedy this, I challenged myself to finish 50 games in the span of year. In an effort to document my progress, I would write a review of each game completed, sharing them with my friends. Eventually, it became clear that a blog would be a good idea to keep everything organized and… here we are.

Why are some of the posts so short?

The first 21 posts were originally posted on a different website in a way that didn’t exactly suit longer reviews. The posts growing longer over time was one of the main reasons that I decided to transfer to a blog.

Will there be anything else posted on this blog?

I’m going to try to keep it game related, since that is really where my passion lies here. There may be hype posts or game pickup discussions at some point, but nothing has really been decided yet.

Will you update regularly?

I’m certainly going to try. Before making the blog I was staying up to date on reviewing games as I completed them. However, in the time that I took to transfer everything over, I’ve finished 4 more games, so I have some making up to do. I usually try to work on it Monday after work though.

That’s all for now, but hopefully everyone enjoys the posts here. There will be more coming!


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