GAMEQUEST! Chapter Twenty-Two of Fifty: Rayman Legends


Rayman Legends is the latest console installment in the Rayman series of games. You play as the titular character as you run, jump, climb, and fight your way through well over 100 levels. Having received the game for free as part of Microsoft’s “Games with Gold” perk on the Xbox One, and overall being a fan of platformers to begin with, I pushed this game to the top of my queue fairly quickly.

Story wise, this one doesn’t really have anything too special going for it. Rayman is a hero. Creatures called Teensies have been captured (700 in total). Princesses have been captured (10 of them). You play through 5 worlds, defeating the evil “dark teensies” at the end of each. Logical progression tells you that the hero must rescue the captured and defeat the evil. It’s a good thing that this game has some really strong gameplay, because the strength of plot in this is about as good as a Mario game.

Right off the bat I was surprised to see the variety in the design of the levels. Having levels sprinkled in such as the vertical scrolling tower climb helped keep the normal side scrolling fresh. Certain levels even had Rayman riding a flying mosquito like creature in a Shoot’em up level. A few levels also featured a timer counting down in the form of a wall of flame closing in from the rear side of the screen, creating an effective sense of urgency during the more fast paced “sprint” type levels. Boss fights cap off each world, making you utilize Rayman’s ability to briefly hover in mid-air to it’s fullest effect. After the boss fight, the player is treated to one of the coolest features that I’ve ever actually seen in a platformer: a musical level. Every jump is a drum beat. Every kick is a drum beat. Everything you do is a sound of some kind in the background music. So turn up the volume and be one with Rayman.

Difficulty wise, this game is what I wish all platformers would be. There were a fair few difficult levels and I died quite a few times on my quest to rescue those 700 Teensies (and yes, I did rescue all of them. Every. Last. One.), but I never thought to put the controller down. The bright art style and fast paced action kept me going through the difficult Invasion levels, which force you to finish the level in 40 seconds or less to save all Teensies.

All in all, it is too fun to discourage, and hard enough to satisfy. Rayman Legends is a game that I would highly recommend to anybody looking for some great platforming action that doesn’t star a certain mustachioed plumber… or his brother.

Note: Thumbnail image not owned by Mightyconsolegamer and is believed to be owned by Ubisoft. Retrieved from Wikipedia November 2nd 2015. Mariachi Madness Video embedded from YouTube November 2nd 2015. Not owned by Mightyconsolegamer (from Ubisoft channel). Invasion Video embedded from YouTube November 2nd 2015. Not owned by Mightyconsolegamer (from IGN Walkthroughs channel)


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