GAMEQUEST! Chapter Twenty-Three of Fifty: Dead Space


I’m a huge fan of survival horror games. However, I am not usually too fond of the “Outer Space” setting. Dead Space is a survival horror game that takes place in, you guessed it, outer space. The plot follows the crew of the USG Kellion as they investigate a distress signal received from a mining starship, the USG Ishimura. Upon arriving, they find the starship crew murdered, and the ship under siege from Necromorphs (murderous aliens). As with other survival horror games, the heroes soon find their way off the ship disabled, and must survive long enough to find an alternative escape route.

While overall, I did enjoy the game, it doesn’t rank extremely high in my survival horror books. The primary antagonist of the game is aliens. As a personal preference, I prefer my villains with a name, or at least some form of intelligence. Like Wesker from Resident Evil, because he is an amazing villain. The aliens are for the most part mindless, and just don’t have the same menace.

One feature of the game that I will praise though, is the first weapon that you get. The first weapon that you find is not a weapon at all. Rather, it is a plasma cutting tool. Something that would actually be lying around a ship for maintenance use. You know, because not every ship would have an army’s worth of ammunition just laying around. As an added bit of awesome (in my opinion at least) the plasma cutter deals only minimal damage when used for body shots. Instead, for maximum effectiveness, the plasma cutter must be used to dismember the aliens. I applaud this.

One of the additional factors that influences your quest to get as far away from the ship as possible is the vacuum of space, making for the timed component of your challenge. These sections are often combined with zero gravity movement, making for a nifty 3D puzzle solving experience. These sections are pretty far between though.

Overall, if you’ve been through the early Silent Hill and Resident Evil games and are looking for a new survival horror experience, pick it up. Try it out. There’s two sequels (foreshadowing for future posts? WHO KNOWS.), so it has that going for it.

Dead Space


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