Getting Back Into It: Returning to Writing

It’s been an exciting month for me since I last posted. Plenty of exciting new pickups mean that I have lots of fuel for future posts and reviews. However, in the month since I last posted, I have realized how in need I was of a regular gym regimen, and placed that time slot immediately following work… right when I would normally write. Since the last thing that I want to do after a nice long run is sit down and write a couple hundred words, I will be moving my regular writing day to the weekend, effective as of today.

I’ve also kind of fallen out of the writing habit, which means that for the time being, the next couple of posts may be a little short. I figured this would be okay though, as there are only so many things you can say about the original NES Mega Mans before everything just starts to overlap (Mega Man 4-6 coming soon!).

I have still been finishing games during my hiatus. The writing may only say 25, but at this point, the count is up to 35. I am a little behind.


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